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Green Cremation ~ ‘Alkaline Hydrolysis’

                                      What is Green Cremation


  • This so-called “water cremation process” is gaining in popularity. It offers people the option of having their remains dissolved in a hot chemical liquid bath. Advocates say it’s a more environmentally friendly option than burial or fire cremation.

                                              Natural Green Cremation Package

                                              Funeral Home Charge   $ 3,091.00


                              *  A flameless cremation that uses water instead of fire

                              *  A gentle and respectful process

                              *  No emissions of mercury or other harmful greenhouse gasses

                              *  90% energy savings when compared top flame-based cremation

                              *  A fraction of the carbon footprint of both burial and flame

                              *  No burning of caskets

                              *  The “Right” environmental choice

                              *  Transportation to nearest  facility

                              *  Return of remains to the family   (3-5 business days)


                     The required cash disbursements included in  this package are:   

                                  Aqua Cremation Fee                                $1,495.00                                                 *   VT Medical Examiner’s Permit                         25.00                                                 *   State of VT Permit                                           5.00


                              These items to be added to package price above

                                             TOTAL PACKAGE  - $ 4,616.00


                                          Not included in this package are:

                                    *  Outside Franklin & Chittenden County

                                                  (Add $3.00 per mile)

                                    *  Certified copies of death certificate

                                    *  Obituaries in newspapers

                                    *   Any other desired services.